2004 Hayward Award Winners

Excerpt from the March Board of Governors Press Release:

The 2004 Hayward Awards are supported through a grant from the Foundation for California Community Colleges. Recipients of this prestigious award were selected from nearly 56,000 full-time and part-time members of the community college faculty statewide. Each recipient will receive a $1,250 cash award and a commemorative plaque.

The award is named in honor of Gerald C. Hayward, who served as chancellor of the California Community Colleges from 1980 to 1985.

The 2004 award winners are:

Rosalie Cuneo Amer of Cosumnes River College in Sacramento has been a librarian for more than 34 years. Amer has helped students develop information competency skills that are broad, evaluative, and crucial for academic success. Throughout her career, she has shared with her students a global view of education based on her own background and experience and has conveyed her passion for learning about global concerns to her students in the library and classroom.

James W. Baugh of Coastline Community College in Fountain Valley is a counselor and the Department Chair of the Travel and Tourism program there. He has used his educational background in speech, English, remedial education, and counseling psychology to reach students of all backgrounds and levels of academic achievement. As a full-time counselor, Baugh applies his vast knowledge and professional expertise in working with students one-on-one. His goal is to foster a student-centered learning environment at Coastline to enable students to be prepared for academic success and rewarding careers.

Kathleen Bimber is from Los Angeles City College where she is a Child Development professor and Department Chair. Bimber is dedicated to supporting the recruitment and advancement of future child development professionals. She has spent the past six years expanding educational opportunities for hundreds of low-income, nontraditional students in the Los Angeles area through the child development and dietetics programs and has spearheaded the college's partnerships with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the California State University system.

Gerard J. Perez of Napa Valley College in Napa has been an EOPS Coordinator/Counselor for 13 years. During his 37 years as an educator, Perez has demonstrated commitment to both education and his community through activities, leadership, and organizational membership. As an EOPS Coordinator/Counselor, Perez introduces low-income, first-generation students to strategies that help them meet the academic, financial, and social challenges of college. He is devoted to helping those who are underprepared. Perez encourages students to develop relationships with staff and faculty built upon trust, cooperation and collaboration. These four recipients of the 2004 Hayward Award for Excellence in Education will be recognized by the Board of Governors.