2010 Hayward Award Winners

Area A: Adrienne Peek

Adrienne Peek, an English professor at Modesto Junior College, works tirelessly in an effort to change the lives of students in both college and in life. She believes teaching, in all aspects, should facilitate learning and this learning should go beyond the classroom doors. Relying on classroom interactions, Peek cultivates active engagement in the learning process and has changed the lives of hundreds of students. “This candidate literally changes the lives of students through the implementation of strategies for success to assist students with achieving their full potential in college and in life,” wrote Mike Adams, Senate President at Modesto Junior College.

Area B: Marcy Alancraig

Marcy Alancraig is an instructor of English at Cabrillo College and has demonstrated a commitment to meeting student needs; students and their success are at the center of all her work. She embraces the desires of all students and uses a learner-centered approach to help her students gain skills in the discipline. Whether she is working on the state level, within her college or inside the confines of a classroom, she is guided by the needs of the students she serves. “Over the last [seventeen] years at our college and as a long-term adjunct at another, [Alancraig] has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to meeting student needs,” Senate President Steve Hodges said in his letter of support for Alancraig.

Area C: Sid Kolpas

Sid Kolpas, professor of Mathematics at Glendale College is dedicated to his students and distinguishes himself with exceptional teaching. Regardless of the program, he puts in the same energy and dedication. Kolpas believes that teachers should be both sensitive and responsive to student needs. He knows that a teacher’s final contribution is to foster increased self-control and internal motivation. “He is recognized as one of the most outstanding teachers in the history of our college. He started distinguishing himself by his exceptional teaching right from the start,” wrote John Queen, Senate President at Glendale Community College.

Area D: Patrick Setzer

As a Music instructor at Cuyamaca College, Patrick Setzer has spearheaded new programs, enhanced curriculum and developed academic master plans to serve the needs of the growing and changing student population at Cuyamaca College. He believes that education is of utmost importance because it involves service to both one’s discipline and one’s community. To Setzer, education is a hallowed tradition that can change lives. And it is for this reason that he is dedicated to his college, his students and his community college philosophy. “He motivates and inspires his students to achieve their dreams, and is a role model for all of us who aspire to be the best in what we do,” said Cuyamaca College Senate President, Michael Wangler. All of the Award recipients were honored at the March 2, 2010 Board of Governors’ meeting with a plaque and a cash award of $1,250 from the Foundation for California Community Colleges.