2011 Hayward Award Winners

Area A: Scott Haskell
Scott Haskell, a veterinary technology and microbiology educator at Yuba College, sees his role in the classroom as providing a framework of knowledge upon which students can build, foster, and grow. Education is his passion and commitment to society. In his view, it is his pay back. Like most educators, Haskell most certainly wants his students to learn the fundamental content of his courses, but this task alone does not govern his teaching. He hopes to facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills, foster critical thinking, and develop problem-solving strategies useful to each individual beyond his classroom doors.

Area B: Ian Walton
Ian Walton is an instructor of mathematics at Mission College. The range of Walton’s commitment to his students, college, and profession extends well beyond the formulas and methods he teaches in mathematics. Walton has spent a lifetime in developing new and creative ways of achieving excellence in education – both the education that he himself provides his students as well as the excellence of the community college system as a whole. He has developed many creative and engaging ways of teaching mathematics to students who often see the subject as having nothing to do with their everyday lives. Through his efforts, Walton has provided alternative approaches to critical thinking in a class that, initially, students do not wish to take.  Walton also served as the President of the Academic Senate from 2005 to 2007.

Area C: Bruce Yoshiwara
Bruce Yoshiwara, a Mathematics professor at Los Angeles Pierce College, is a tireless leader in student success on his campus. He has dedicated himself to making a difference not only in mathematics teaching and learning but also in reaching out all over campus to work with other departments to achieve institutional student success improvement. Yoshiwara works diligently to bring people and ideas together; he is always searching for targeted outcomes or solutions with an endless positive energy.

Area D: Sylvia Ramirez
Sylvia Ramirez’s expertise in noncredit ESL at MiraCosta College is recognized both locally and nationally. At the college, she serves as Department Chair and is a member of the Budget and Planning Committee, the Basic Skills Advisory Committee, and the Comprehensive Master Planning Team. She has also been a member of the Academic Senate Council, many master planning committees, and the Student Learning Outcomes Committee and has been the Chair of the Basic Skills Advisory Committee. Nationally, she is a frequent presenter at conferences in the discipline of noncredit ESL, and she publishes articles on distance education, bridging the gap from noncredit-to-credit, outcomes assessment, and many other areas. Ramirez believes that education is a journey of self development for the student and the instructor. According to her, there may be no other profession where the journey is as important as the results.

All of the Award recipients were honored at the March 8, 2011 Board of Governors’ meeting with a plaque and a cash award of $1,250 from the Foundation for California Community Colleges.