Grading Policy

Whereas teachers do care for their students, and

Whereas teachers have the best interest of students in their minds and hearts, and

Whereas teachers are professional in their conduct fulfilling academic responsibilities, and

Whereas Assemblyman Campbell has withdrawn his bill regarding current semester grading policy changes,

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Certification

Whereas the IGETC process assumes community colleges will certify courses from private colleges and out-of-state colleges, and

Whereas reviewing such courses individually will present a substantial burden on the faculty if done properly or, if done by administrators, will not be based on professional review by people who know the discipline in question, and

Whereas the duties of faculty have increased substantially without any commensurate increase in the amount of time available to do these tasks, and

Equivalency Process

Whereas at the University of California and the California State University, hiring of faculty is based upon the confidence of the faculty in the discipline that the candidate possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach in the discipline regardless of the academic credentials held, and

Whereas the minimum qualifications refer to degrees and or experience which imply that someone has the ability to teach in a discipline, and

Whereas the faculty in the institution is the best judge of the requirements for teaching in their own institution,

Students in Governance

Whereas the Board of Governors has adopted regulations strengthening the role of students in governance, as required by AB 1725, and

Whereas students have valuable contributions to make to local governance, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has many past resolutions encouraging student involvement in both local senates and the state senate,

Student Fees

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose any legislation or regulation that would permit local districts to raise tuition for California resident students.


Whereas the Academic Senate represents all faculty including counselors, nurses, and librarians, and

Whereas counselors not only serve the needs of students but also act as a resource for instructional faculty, and

Whereas AB 1725 places an increased demand on community colleges to recruit and retain a more diverse student population, and

Whereas a diverse student population includes students who require intensive and frequent services and interventions to be successful, and

Common Discipline Curriculum

Whereas the needs of the student should be uppermost in the minds of all educators, and

Whereas many students who have transferred and/or graduated from community colleges have not been accepted as upper division students, and

Whereas this action creates both a financial and psychological hardship on many students, and

Whereas the community colleges of California provide lower division courses for most disciplines, and

Funding for Vocational Education/Impact of Program Based Funding

Whereas vocational/technical education has been continuously supported by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges as a viable strategy for statewide economic development, and

Whereas the Board of Governors for California Community Colleges has established that strong vocational education programs are one of two primary goals for the community colleges, and

Multiple Measures

Whereas the intent of matriculation regulations is to foster student success, and

Whereas English and mathematics courses require an entry skill level for students to have a reasonable chance of success, and

Whereas matriculation regulations require the use of multiple, uncorrelated measures for placement (whether advisory or mandatory), and

Whereas under matriculation an assessment test must meet standards of validity, reliability, and be unbiased, and

Whereas the other multiple measures are not required to meet the same standards, and

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