Disciplines List Proposals

ASCCC Secretary, ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee
ASCCC Area A Representative, Chair, ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee

Every year, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges accepts proposals for changes to the California Community Colleges Disciplines List, which sets minimum qualifications for CCC faculty. Two Disciplines List proposals were received by the ASCCC in fall 2020. The first was a proposal to revise the film and media studies discipline, and the second was a proposal to add a digital fabrication technology discipline. During fall 2020, both proposals were reviewed by the ASCCC Standards and Practices Committee, shared with faculty throughout the state, and then discussed during a first hearing at the Fall 2020 Plenary Session. The ASCCC Executive Committee reviewed the two proposals at its January 2021 meeting to determine that process was followed and all required documentation were submitted for each proposal. The committee supported moving both proposals forward to a second hearing at the Spring 2021 Plenary Session.

On Friday, April 15 at the Spring 2021 Plenary Session, the second hearing for the film and media studies and the digital fabrication technology proposals will be held. At that time, any clarifying questions may be asked and discussed with the originators of the proposals. The resolutions supporting these two Disciplines List proposals will be brought to the plenary voting session on Saturday, April 16, 2021. Disciplines List resolutions may not be amended; they must be either voted up or down as proposed. All delegates should come fully informed about these Disciplines List proposals and ready to vote on behalf of the faculty they represent.

The two proposals are as follows:

1.    Film and Media Studies

Master’s degree in Film/Cinema and Media Studies, Film, Television, and Media Studies,
Drama/Theater, Mass Communication
Bachelor’s degree in any of the above
Master’s degree in Visual Studies, Media Studies, English, or Communication
the equivalent

This is a proposed revision to the existing discipline qualifications. For specific information about the revision and justification for the revisions, see the summary[1] referenced during the Fall Plenary 2020 Disciplines List hearing.

2.    Digital Fabrication Technology

2 years professional experience
Any bachelor’s degree or higher
6 years of professional experience
Any associate’s degree

This is a proposed new discipline. For specific information about the proposal, including justification, see the summary[2] referenced during the Fall Plenary 2020 Disciplines List hearing. In addition to these two proposals moving from a first hearing t o a second hearing and consideration for adoption at the Spring 2021 Plenary, a second hearing was held at the Fall 2020 Plenary Session for one discipline, registered behavior technician, and that proposal was approved by the delegates. New and revised disciplines approved by ASCCC delegates are submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for inclusion in the next edition of the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in the California Community Colleges and approved by the California Community Colleges Board of Governors. For more information about the registered behavior technician discipline, see the summary[3] and Resolution 10.01 F 20.[4]

The 2021-2022 Disciplines List process will open in February 2021, with proposals due by September 30, 2021. The ASCCC website has a page on the Disciplines List[5] with more information about the process and other supporting documents. Questions about the Disciplines List process can be submitted by email to info [at] asccc.org.

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