Meet the 2019 Hayward Award Recipients

Area C Representative and ASCCC Standards and Practices Chair
ASCCC Executive Director

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges established the Hayward Award for Excellence in Education Program in 1989. Awards have been presented annually to honor community college faculty members who are selected by their peers for demonstrating the highest level of commitment to their students, colleges, and profession. Award recipients, nominated by their college academic senate and selected by representatives of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, must have a record of outstanding performance of professional activities as well as active participation on campus.

This year, four educators were selected for their commitment to empowering students, not only on campus but through the various communities they serve, and cultivating learning environments to inspire the next generation of students and leaders. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Hayward Award.


Corinna is a full-time English faculty member at Santiago Canyon College (SCC). She served as the Region Eight Regional Director on the English Council of California Two-Year Colleges (ECCTYC) for six years, presented at several ECCTYC conferences, and was the chair and program designer for ECCTYC’s 2009 conference. Corinna served as the president of the academic senate at Santiago Canyon College for four years and currently serves as faculty equity co-coordinator, the faculty co-chair for the Student Success & Equity Committee, and co-advisor for the SCC Pride Club. She also leads and provides Safe Space Ally trainings, volunteers at the SCC Hawk’s Nest Food Pantry, and provides equity trainings to students, faculty, and staff at Santiago Canyon College.


Lynette is a full-time professor at Rio Hondo College teaching courses in linguistics, English as a second language, and English composition. Lynette lived in Spain and speaks Spanish in addition to Swahili and a number of African languages. Her experiences abroad taught her to appreciate other languages and cultures, and she incorporates this appreciation of other cultures into her teaching. At Rio Hondo College, she has supported student clubs and provided forums for faculty to discuss issues in the Academy, including evening gatherings for part-time faculty. She has done all of these things in addition to her work as a leader for the faculty association. Lynette is a fervent supporter of public education and stresses the critical importance of the community college system.


Rachel is a part-time history professor at Solano College. She co-chairs her college’s Social Justice Taskforce and serves as an advisory member of the Student Equity and Success Committee. The Social Justice Taskforce is charged with identifying the kinds of services, spaces, or programs that might help Solano students feel safer, more included, and more represented within existing Solano College programs. In collaboration with the two groups on which she serves, Rachel created and distributed a Student Equity Survey to a small sample of students. The data collected from this survey was analyzed during a joint Social Justice/Student Equity workshop and has provided the necessary framework for more robust discussion.


Ivan is an adjunct counselor at Skyline Community College. Throughout his time at Skyline College, Ivan has demonstrated a commitment to student equity and success through his involvement in the comprehensive college redesign and implementation of the Promise Scholars Program. As a member of the Skyline College “Getting In” team, Ivan helped to reimagine, redesign, and implement a new experience for all incoming students. With the direction of guided-pathways and meta-majors, Ivan and the “Getting In” team created a more student-focused counseling experience set on connecting students to campus resources and their Meta Major Success Team, consisting of counselors, support staff, and instructional faculty. Ivan’s greatest passion stems from working with marginalized and underserved communities. He currently serves as the student leadership coordinator for the Rock the School Bells hip-hop conference and has been involved as an advisory board member for Brothers Achieving Milestones, a Men of Color student success group.

Please join the ASCCC in congratulating our colleagues for winning this prestigious award. For more information on Hayward Award winners past and present, visit the ASCCC Awards page at and select Hayward Award.