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ASCCC Procedure on Requests for Information

The ASCCC represents all California community college faculty in academic and professional matters, and all faculty are welcome to submit inquiries.  The ASCCC also recognizes academic senate presidents as the officially recognized representatives of their senates to the ASCCC.  Therefore, senate presidents will be included in all responses to inquires submitted to the ASCCC. 

ASCCC Procedure on Requests for College Visits

As part of its ongoing mission to strengthen and support the local senates of all the California community colleges, the ASCCC provides opportunities for college visits to provide professional development and technical assistance.   All requests for college visits by the ASCCC must be approved by the college senate president.  Any request for a college visit submitted by an individual who is not the college senate president require confirmation with the college senate president by the ASCCC before action is taken to fulfill the visit request.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Local College Visit Terms and Conditions


The ASCCC is committed to the full accessibility of our educational/professional learning [development] speaking events, programs and activities to individuals with disabilities. ASCCC will make a good faith effort to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified visitors, and event attendees with a disability unless the accommodation requested would cause an undue hardship as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To ensure regulatory compliance and oversight of all matters related to access and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities, local Academic Senate (“Senate”) will take steps to ensure that all lawful requests for disability accommodations are fully addressed in a reasonable and lawful manner.

In order for ASCCC to meet its obligation to provide reasonable accommodations, Senate agrees that any requested disability accommodations shall be communicated to ASCCC once the Senate becomes aware of such requirements, but no less than three days in advance of the meeting or event. Further, the Senate acknowledges that for online event, professional development adjustments shall be provided exclusively for attendees with Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or similarly impaired persons, closed captioning services and for no other purpose whatsoever, and it shall be deleted within 48 hours of completion of the event.


Attendees at ASCCC events are not permitted to make audio or video recordings of presentations, activities, or other events unless expressly authorized by ASCCC.

The Senate agrees that ASCCC’s name and related marks, trademarks, testimonials, graphical features recognized as symbols or endorsements, or other materials may not be used without prior written consent by ASCCC.

Section 3. DISCLAIMER:

The Senate acknowledges that ASCCC is not providing legal advice, financial or tax advice, or business advice. Any opinions or assertions made during the event shall be taken as general guidance. ASCCC recommends that the Senate seek specialized advice from professional counsel for any legal, financial, tax, or similar business advice.


ASCCC reserves the right to cancel any session, change the length or size of any session, or change the location of any session at its discretion at any time. Such changes will be communicated in writing to the Senate. Should either party choose to cancel at any time, cancellation must be submitted in writing.


Additional terms and conditions not in conflict with these terms and conditions shall be valid and applicable if agreed upon in writing by both ASCCC and the Senate.

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