Noncredit Liaison

At a time when more colleges than ever are having conversations about noncredit in response to initiatives, plans, and ideas for curricular redesign, communication about noncredit is critical. Given that there has not been a clear way for ASCCC to communicate directly with noncredit faculty or to disperse information about noncredit to colleges, Resolution 17.05 S15, Establish Local Noncredit Liaison Position, was proposed to and approved by the body Spring 2015. In response to the resolution, the Executive Committee approved the following expectations for noncredit liaisons appointed by local senate presidents.

Noncredit Liaison Expectations

  • Attend local senate meetings and report as needed about statewide issues of concern in noncredit
  • Facilitate local noncredit discussions; participate in regional noncredit discussions
  • Identify noncredit issues or concerns locally or regionally
  • Communicate with credit and noncredit faculty to align curriculum and integrate services to students
  • Participate in conversations to promote the use of noncredit alone and in combination with credit to meet statewide initiatives
  • Create a mechanism to communicate with faculty on local campuses around issues of common concern regarding credit and noncredit
  • Serve as a conduit between the local noncredit faculty and the ASCCC Noncredit Committee representatives
  • Identify local noncredit faculty to serve locally and statewide on committees and taskforces
  • Promote best practices in local and regional noncredit by recommending and encouraging noncredit faculty to present at ASCCC institutes, academies and plenary sessions
  • As local funding permits, attend state-level events (ASCCC, ACCE)

These expectations are only suggestions that local senates should consider when selecting a faculty member.  The Executive Committee understands that many local senates and faculty in general have limited resources and time; thus, liaisons can do as little or as much as they have time and resources to do. 

There are, however, two most basic expectations for the noncredit liaison:  1) sign up for the ASCCC Noncredit listserv, and 2) communicate with the local senate and noncredit faculty statewide conversations relevant to his/her college.