Components of a Model Course Outline of Record

Curriculum Committee

The course outline of record plays a central role in the curriculum of the California Community Colleges. Standards for the course outline appear in Title 5, in the Curriculum Standards Handbook, in accreditation standards, in intersegmental general education agreements with the California State University and the University of California (IGETC and CSU-GE), and serve as the basis for transfer articulation agreements with individual CSU and UC campuses. All of these standards have been revised recently (Title 5 in 1993, the Handbook in 1995, IGETC in 1991 and CSU-GE in 1992) or are currently being revised (accreditation). As a consequence, discipline faculty and curriculum committee members are faced with the daunting task of writing and approving course outlines which will meet this array of updated standards. This paper reviews the role of the course outline and summarizes the requirements and standards for writing approvable outlines of record.

Recommended Action

That the Board of Governors adopt the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum as set forth in Appendix A, and direct the Chancellor to commence dissemination and implementation activities.