Mentorship Handbook

Part-Time Faculty Committee

ASCCC Mentorship Handbook cover imageTo view our full handbook, please download the Mentorship Handbook PDF or read the Mentorship Handbook online.

ASCCC recognizes that mentorship is a key component to the success of new faculty, both for those employed full-time or part-time, as well as for those seeking employment opportunities in the California community colleges. In response to two resolutions from Spring 2016: Resolution Number 01.01 and Fall 2020: Resolution Number 01.02, this handbook was developed by the ASCCC Part-time Committee in 2021 to provide a written guide and repository of resources for the development of mentorship programs at California community colleges. While this handbook was initially developed in response to the aforementioned resolutions to provide mentor resources for part-time faculty, it became clear that these materials and practices could be used more broadly for all faculty seeking equity-minded professional growth and empowerment. The intent of this handbook is to provide tools and model practices for all faculty and local and district leaders in the creation of mentor programs as well as support to mentor and mentees in community college mentorship programs.

This mentorship handbook is organized into four sections: Mentee Resources, Mentor Resources, The Why: Effective Resources for Faculty Leaders, Administration, and Boards of Trustees, and an appendix with tools and resources for mentors and mentor program developers. As stated above, the intent of this handbook is for use by both mentors and mentees in addition to those seeking models to develop a mentor program. In addition to listing resources that are available for faculty who are seeking mentorship opportunities and outlining information for leaders who are seeking how to implement and build an effective mentorship program, this handbook also provides, toward the end of the document, a brief discussion on the why: the purpose and value of starting a mentorship program.


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