Ian Walton

Ian's Bio

Ian in the ASCCC office in 2007

Ian served his two years as Senate President in 2005 - 2007, after first being elected to the Executive Committee as North Representative in Fall 1997.

The single issue that consumed most of his time was to take the resolution calling for increased graduation competencies in math and English (passed by the Senate under the skillful leadership of his predecessor Kate Clark) and to build a political coalition that ensured its eventual passage by the Board of Governors as a Title 5 change in September 2006.

But much more satisfyingly, this activity led directly to the fruitful conspiracy with CIO and CSSO leaders Pam Deegan and Robin Richards, and numerous others, to create and implement the Basic Skills Initiative.  A related change in how we serve our most vulnerable students was the minor improvement in noncredit funding.

Fond memories include the incalculable support from Julie, the camaraderie of time in Sacramento with other faculty leaders (particularly fashion critique at the Sheraton with Mark Wade Lieu and Cathy Crane McCoy) and eccentric travels to remote desert colleges with Chancellor Mark Drummond.

Ian retired from Mission College in Santa Clara in 2011, after teaching mathematics for thirty three years.  He is greatly enjoying his retreat to the beach in Santa Cruz with a mixture of activities. Delightful projects have included participation with the RP Group to evaluate the finalists in the first Aspen Prize for Community Colleges, and an accreditation team visit to Guam Community College for ACCJC.

Ian on the Isle of Skye, Scotland in 2011

Ian and Susan are increasing their travel schedules with recent trips to Scotland and Atlantic Canada as Susan nears retirement.  And much encouraged by Past President Hoke Simpson, Ian has been recording depressing Celtic ballads and performing at a local open mic coffeehouse.  He has also embarked on a lifelong project to digitize his photo, music and video collection.

Ian encourages colleagues to stay in touch.  If you have his home telephone in Santa Cruz, it hasn't changed - and his Senate email address (ian@asccc.org) continues to work.

Thanks for all the wonderful experiences together.