Academic Senate for California Community College Bylaws

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Resolutions Committee
Academic Senate
Status Report

The main motion is moot because the Academic Senate is required to follow its bylaws. The amendments themselves are moot because the Standards and Practices Committee as part of its charge is required to review and recommend bylaws revisions as needed.

Whereas, At an Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Executive Committee meeting on April 9, 2014, during a conversation about an agenda item, when an Executive Committee member referred to the Bylaws for guidance on a topic, the Executive Director replied that the Bylaws were written in the 1960s, and they do not indicate our practice and therefore do not need to be followed;

Whereas, There have been other instances of the Bylaws being superseded or attempts to supersede the Bylaws with other written ASCCC documents;

Whereas, The Bylaws were ratified on March 7,, 1969, were updated and reviewed by the body as recently as Spring session 2013 making them current; and

Whereas, The Bylaws and Constitution are the ASCCC’s articles of incorporation and thus we are legally obligated to follow them;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adhere to its Bylaws.

MSR:  Referred to the Executive Committee with 1.08.01 and 1.08.02 to review the Bylaws and revise as needed, and bring back to the body by Fall 2014.