Adopt the Discipline List Handbook

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Executive Director
Disciplines List

Whereas, The body adopted resolution 10.07 S13[1] that directed the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to consolidate information related to the disciplines list process to ensure that all pertinent information to the process is consistent, housed in one place, and can be used by both the Standards and Practice Committee and the field;

Whereas, Resolution 10.09 S13 and amendment 10.09.01 S13, both of which were referred to the Executive Committee[2], addressed concerns about the need to simplify the way discipline list recommendations were brought to the body and to clarify the process; and

Whereas, The Standards and Practice Committee developed a Discipline List Handbook that consolidates the disciplines list process, as directed in resolution 10.07 S13, and addresses the concerns stated in the referred resolution 10.09 S13 and amendment 10.09.01 S13;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the Discipline List Handbook and implement the new discipline list process immediately upon its adoption by the body.


[1] The full text of resolution 10.07 S13 is found at

[2] The full texts of resolution 10.09 S13 and 10.09.01 S13 are found at and