Adoption of Part-time Faculty: A Principled Perspective

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The paper was published and is on the Senate website.

Whereas, In numerous resolutions and papers since 1974, the Academic Senate has consistently raised concern about and reaffirmed the importance of addressing the educational implications of excessive reliance upon part-time faculty;

Whereas, Resolution 19.02 S99 calls for the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to study comprehensive solutions to the problems related to the use of part-time faculty and to present a paper with analysis and recommendations on this matter;

Whereas, The Academic Senate has repeatedly raised concern regarding the impact upon our students of having faculty who are not required and paid to be available outside of class for consultation and of having increasing numbers of curricular offerings taught by faculty disconnected from the curriculum process and academic life of the college; and

Whereas, The Board of Governors' recent adoption of policy on "comparable pay for comparable work" and the creation of a state fund for part-time faculty pay equity has created the immediate need for local academic senates to work with their collective bargaining agents in developing local definitions of "comparable pay for comparable work," and in determining what constitutes professional obligations and expectations for faculty, be they full or part time;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate adopt the paper Part-time Faculty: A Principled Perspective.