Amend Resolution 1.06 S14

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Resolutions Committee
Academic Senate
In Progress
Status Report

In progress. This was an Executive Committee Resolution. The amendment was brought forward at the pre-session Area C meeting. The Resolutions Chair will contact the amendment contact to clarify the intent. The resolution contact is no longer on the Executive Committee, and so the Executive Committee will need to clarify the intent of the resolution determine the appropriate way to return this to the body.

Amend the title to read:

Insert the Phrase “Promotes Academic Excellence and Student Success” in the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Mission Statement

Delete fourth whereas:

Whereas, The Academic Senate often helps to develop and act on policies created in the state but does not always promote all policies in the state because some policies are contrary to positions of the Academic Senate;

Amend the resolved:

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges amend its mission statement to read:

The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges promotes academic excellence and student success; ,and fosters the effective participation by community college faculty in all statewide and local academic and professional matters; develops, promotes, advocates for, and acts upon policies of responding to statewide concerns concern to the Academic Senate; and serves as the official voice of the faculty of California Community Colleges in academic and professional matters. The Academic Senate strengthens and supports the local senates of all California community colleges.

MSR:  Referred to the Executive Committee with resolution 1.06 to clarify intent and return to the body by Fall 2014.