Establishing Local Legislative Liaison Position

Resolution Number
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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Local Senates
Status Report

Legislative Liaison Position Description has been developed and posted on the ASCCC Website here.  Work is still in progress to have colleges appoint liaisions, which once appointed will be listed on the ASCCC directory. 

Whereas, Local academic senates have the freedom to take and publish positions on proposed legislation after informed discussion and deliberation and to meet with legislators to express their views and positions regarding legislation;

Whereas, Some local senates have created a legislative liaison position so that a designated individual is responsible for tracking and reporting to the academic senate on legislation, and such a position may be a great benefit to an academic senate in providing current information on relevant legislation and enabling the senate to form positions upon which it may wish to act; and

Whereas, The effectiveness of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges in influencing legislation is contingent upon providing information and analysis to local senates and receiving in response feedback and direction for action;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local senates to establish a legislative liaison position to facilitate communication between and among the ASCCC, local academic senates, and faculty.