Information Competency

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Curriculum Committee
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Status Report

The Curriculum Committee has held regional hearings, collected data, and will bring a resolution to the Spring 2001 Plenary Session.

Whereas the paper "Information Competency" is proposing drastic changes in Title 5 Regulations, and

Whereas there has been only limited discussion in the field about the many ramifications of the proposals in the paper, including such recommendations (page 11) as making "information competency. . . a required standard in regulation for degree applicable credit courses both general education and the major. . . ,"

Resolved that the Academic Senate table the paper on "Information Competency" until the Spring 2001 Plenary Session to allow further discussion and input from local senates about the paper and its far-reaching recommendations, particularly those on page 11, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to hold regional meetings to discuss the impacts of the proposal and to share good practices, particularly inviting curriculum chairs, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate request that a grant from the Fund for Student Success be directed to support these regional meetings, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate send the "Information Competency" paper to curriculum chairs and other interested parties so that it can be a major topic of discussion at the July 2000 Curriculum Institute.