Policy Paper Endorsement and Distribution

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Instructor Advisement

Whereas the Academic Senate Educational Policies Committee, working with representatives of the California Community Colleges Counselors Association, developed a statement of instructor advisement in 1985, and

Whereas that statement was adopted by the Academic Senate at its 1985 Spring Conference, and

Whereas a number of colleges have begun developing instructor advisement programs and have found the Academic Senate statement useful in that effort, and

Whereas the California Postsecondary Education Commission has cited the Academic Senate statement as a very positive development, particularly for encouragement of potential transfer students, and has recommended that the Board of Governors formally endorse the Academic Senate statement,

Resolved that the Academic Senate request that the Chancellor be asked to present the statement on instructor advisement to the Board of Governors for Board consideration and possible endorsement, and

Resolved that, if the Board of Governors endorses the statement, the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to develop a plan for promulgating the statement and for encouraging districts to develop such instructor advisement programs.