Transfer Alignment Project

In fall 2019, the ASCCC started the first phase of addressing the Resolution F17 15.01Aligning Transfer Pathways for the CSU and UC Systems 

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Academic Senates of the California State University and the University of California to identify a single pathway in each of the majors with an Associate Degree for Transfer to ensure that students will be prepared to transfer into either the California State University or the University of California systems.

Overall Goal:

  1. Align Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) with University of California Transfer Pathways (UCTP), where feasible, i.e. only non-substantive changes to the TMCs would be needed

  2. For those TMCs that need more changes, discipline faculty convene from all three systems, every attempt is made to align the pathways with two possible outcomes:

    1. Pathways aligned with substantive changes to TMC and/or UCTP (currently, only TMCs have been considered for changes)

    2. If the pathways cannot be aligned, then clear documentation on the rationale and benefits of separate pathways to students and public is communicated broadly

For additional information visit the linked C-ID UC Transfer Pathways page.

To read the most recent update, you may visit the linked document here.

Transfer Alignment Project Workgroup (2022-23)

Cheryl Aschenbach (chair), ASCCC Vice President, ICW Chair
LaTonya Parker, ASCCC Secretary
Eric Wada, ASCCC North Representative
Stephanie Curry, ASCCC Area A Representative
Dolores Davison, C-ID Curriculum Director
Krystinne Mica, ASCCC Executive Director
Beth Steffel, ASCSU Chair
Elizabeth Atondo, Articulation Officer, Los Angeles Mission College
James A. Chalfant, Professor Emeritus, UC Davis (Chair of ACSCOTI)
Fredye Harms, ACSCOTI Analyst