Articulation and Transfer Caucus

Academic Year Meetings

2023 Fall Plenary Session Caucus Meeting Information:

5:30PM - 6:30PM: Westin South Coast Plaza, China Cove Room

Articulation and Transfer Caucus Statement of Purpose

The proposed Articulation and Transfer Caucus will serve as a space for faculty to discuss the transfer and articulation impact of pending or passed legislation and regulations. Through these conversations, members will discuss how to voice the caucus’ concerns to constituent groups, i.e. through resolutions, rostrum articles, etc. The Articulation and Transfer Caucus will serve to advise the ASCCC on how legislation, regulations, and resolutions may impact student transfer, and on community college policies and procedures related to academic and professional matters, including curriculum, educational program development, degree and certificate requirements, graduation requirements, and student preparation and success.

Anticipated activities and objectives

  • Hold Meetings at least once a semester to network with articulation and transfer professionals across the State and to discuss issues that might affect transfer students and articulation officers
  • Meet at ASCCC Plenary to discuss issues of concern, pending plenary resolutions and amendments, and to discuss potential actions to elevate areas of concern identified by the caucus.


Mark Edward Osea, Mendocino College
Erica Menchaca, Bakersfield College
John Freitas, Los Angeles City College
Michelle Plug, Citrus College
Tiffany Tran, Irvine Valley College
Benjamin Mudget,t Palomar College
Elizabeth Ramirez, Rio Hondo College
Aimee Tran, Saddleback College
Thao Pham, Diablo Valley College
Julie Clark, Merced College
Jessica Eaton, Antelope Valley College
Mai Her, College of the Sequoias
Ellen Brown-Drinkwater, Riverside City College
Ashlie Lawson, Solano Community College
Sharis Azar, Pasadena City College
Jacquelyn Rangel, Cypress College
Jeanne Howard, Moreno Valley College
Anita Martinez, Los Angeles Valley College
Stacey Howard, Napa Valley College
Leonor Aguilera, Santiago Canyon College
Laura Castro, Santa Barbara City College
Lyndsey Tone Mt. San Jacinto College
Dee Aceves, Grossmont College
Rachel Cohen, City College of San Francisco