Data Paper and Equity-Minded Practices

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Educational Policies Committee
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2021-2022: First determine whether resources have already been developed in collaboration with RP Group. Then, if resources are needed, recommend referring to Data & Research Committee.

Whereas, Data can help to expose and address systemic barriers that impede the practice of equity on college campuses;

Whereas, Data is critical for faculty to understand and utilize so that they may best assist students in achieving their educational goals;

Whereas, In February 2010, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Executive Committee published Data 101 Guiding Principles for Faculty, which delineated ten foundational principles for the use of data; and

Whereas, Current initiatives and trends require faculty to consider and utilize data in dynamic and novel ways that are dramatically different from the practices of the past;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges develop a resource, whether a paper or in some other form, in collaboration with systemwide partners to evaluate the current use of data and recommend effective practices; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges explore and identify web resources that include promising practices for data analysis that faculty can utilize to better serve students and advance equity on college campuses.