Low Textbook Cost Designation and Search in CVC Online Course Finder

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
General Concerns

Whereas, Resolution 17.05 F22 Adopt Student Senate for California Community Colleges Low-Cost Recommendation [1] encourages local academic senates to adopt $30 or less as their locally established cost threshold that must not be exceeded for a course to be considered low-cost for reporting purposes and designation in the class schedule;

Whereas, Establishing a low-cost definition is a local determination, yet a single meaning of low-cost is necessary when students are provided the opportunity to select courses from different colleges, since various definitions of low-cost at different institutions may be confusing and even misleading for students;

Whereas, The California Virtual Campus Exchange’s online Course Finder enables students to access online courses across the state and both designates when a section is Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) with a symbol and enables students to limit their search to only those sections that are ZTC; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has encouraged colleges to implement a mechanism for identifying course sections that employ low-cost course materials and recognizes that although reducing costs to zero may not be immediately possible, efforts to substantially decrease the costs of course materials should be recognized [2];

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request that the California Virtual Campus (CVC) add a Low Textbook Cost (LTC) symbol to recognize those sections that have a cost of textbooks and supplemental resources that do not exceed $30 and include the LTC symbol in the search feature in the CVC’s online Course Finder.


1. Resolution F22 17.05 Adopt Student Senate for California Community Colleges Low-Cost Recommendations: https://asccc.org/resolutions/adopt-student-senate-california-community-colleges-low-cost-recommendation.
2. Resolution F20 09.01 Recommendations for the Implementation of Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Designation in Course Schedules: https://asccc.org/resolutions/recommendations-implementation-zero-textbook-cost-ztc-designation-course-schedules.