Support for AB 811 (Fong, as of April 12, 2023)

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Executive Director
State and Legislative Issues

Whereas, AB 811 (Fong, as of April 12, 2023) [1] calls for

  1. Authorization for a student to repeat, no less than five times, a credit course for which the student previously received a grade indicating substandard academic work. If the repeated course is a transfer-level mathematics or English course pursuant to section 78213, the policies shall require a community college to inform the student of the concurrent supports available to the student pursuant to subdivision (k) of section 78213.
  2. Authorization for a student to repeat, no less than three times, a credit course for which the student previously received a satisfactory grade and which the student is retaking for enrichment and skill-building purposes, with “Satisfactory grade” means that for the course in question, the student’s academic record has been annotated with the symbol “A,” “B,” “C,” or “P”
  3. The requirement that policies include a requirement that the community college inform a student whether the decision to repeat the course will impact the student’s financial aid qualifications, and to provide priority registration for credit courses to students who require the course for their intended major and to students who have not taken the course.;

Whereas, Current course repetition policies arbitrarily prohibit student success with unnecessary gatekeeping, further disempowering students, who may also face other challenges;

Whereas, California community college students often face challenges, such as food and housing instability, changing employment conditions, mental health, and longstanding systemic inequity, [2] that impact their ability for success under present course repetition policy; and

Whereas, Allowing students to repeat credit courses for which they have secured a satisfactory grade gives them the additional enrichment and skills that can significantly augment their personal and professional skills, aiding their employability along with emotional, mental, and physical well-being;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate For California Community Colleges support AB 811 (Fong, as of April 12, 2023).


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