Using Savings from Adopting Canvas

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Online Education Committee
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2017 - 18: The committee will write a Rostrum article.

Proposer Contact
LaTonya Parker, Moreno Valley College, Online Education Committee

Whereas, Resolution 12.04 F14 “Using Anticipated Savings from Adopting the Common Course Management System to Support Online Faculty Professional Development Needs” urged “local senates and bargaining units to work with their administrations to ensure monetary savings from a district or college transitioning to a Common Course Management System (CCMS) be used primarily to support the professional development needs of distance education faculty making the transition to the new CCMS;”

Whereas, The Online Education Initiative (OEI) has adopted a CCMS and funded the full cost of Canvas for all distance education and all face-to-face courses offered by colleges choosing to adopt Canvas locally as their sole course management system (CMS);

Whereas, The governor’s January 2017 budget proposal included $8 million annually and ongoing to fund Canvas as the CMS for the entire California Community College System; and

Whereas, Even though the State of California may pay for Canvas in its entirety for the foreseeable future, the ongoing funding for professional development as well as the maintenance, improvement, and expansion of the technology infrastructure needed to support Canvas remains as required ongoing funding;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges strongly urge local senates to advocate to their administration that monetary savings resulting directly from the adoption of Canvas be utilized to fund faculty professional development and other support, as well as the ongoing maintenance, improvement, and necessary technology infrastructure, including personnel, for quality distance education programs.